Often, packaging lines are ‘designed in a vacuum’ and thought of as individual pieces with little thought about how the equipment will integrate and ultimately perform as a whole. At Vantage, we take a holistic view of the entire packaging line – treating it as a single entity. In doing so, with a keen focus on a standardized, seamless integration of each piece of equipment, we are able to realize a significant increase in the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of the entire line.


Vantage offers a full suite of services around these typical integration efforts.
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We understand that our customer’s unique knowledge of their Packaging Operations holds the key to developing a tailored solution and successful project.

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A standardized approach is a crucial methodology. For over 20 years, we have perfected our Packaging Line standards to ensure a seamless integration on every line, every time.

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We know that small changes can introduce large system upsets. That’s why we work to understand your entire packaging line before making any recommendations.

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Our Packaging Engineers have decades of experience solving real-world, packaging problems. Vantage can quickly and efficiently streamline your packaging line.

We Take a Holistic View of Your Packaging Line – Treating it as a Single Entity

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