Pharmaceutical Industry Gets First Open Source Platform for Level 4 Serialization

‘QU4RTET,’ the only software of its kind, gives pharmaceutical packagers unprecedented flexibility in deployment and configuration

HILLSBOROUGH, N.J.July 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Pharmaceutical companies today for the first time have an open source alternative for level 4 serialization with the launch of QU4RTET, a platform that provides them with new flexibility, transparency and affordability as they comply with global drug anti-counterfeiting laws.

Created by SerialLab, QU4RTET generates and manages unique product identifiers that help drug makers and packagers satisfy the U.S. Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) and similar international rules.[1]  As an open source product, there are no licensing or transaction fees, which enables companies to install as many instances as they like.

“Since QU4RTET is open source, customers no longer have to buy software, pay for every transaction, upgrade involuntarily, or wait for important features to reach the market,” said John Jordon, president of Vantage Solutions, “Nor do they have to guess at the code that’s driving and securing their business. Instead of adapting their business to costly software, they can adapt open source software to their business.”

For an interactive dive into what QU4RTET can do, join the webinar

“Vantage Presents: An Introduction to QU4RTET,” scheduled for  

Wednesday, July 18 at 2:30 p.m. EDT.

Easy, flexible deployment

QU4RTET’s modular standards-based architecture makes serialization deployment faster and more flexible than commercial offerings. This architecture, thoroughly documented, also enables companies to deploy the software in creative configurations that suit their unique business needs – for example, an instance on every laptop, data center, plant and hosting provider. The software’s rules engine and flexible plugin architecture integrate easily with other products, including homegrown business systems – something that other solutions may be challenged to deliver.

QU4RTET was independently created by developers with industry knowledge and experience. As an open source product, all developers are encouraged to extend and enhance the software with their own new functionality. All modifications and enhancements will be freely shared with the QU4RTET developer community so that all users benefit from the improvements.

Fully DSCSA- and EU FMD-compliant, QU4RTET supports both EPICS 1.1 and EPICS 1.2 communications standards and the exchange of transaction history with serialization data. QU4RTET can be hosted on any cloud platform including those from Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft.

To download QU4RTET or simply learn more, visit the SerialLab website at

About SerialLab

SerialLab is dedicated to building easy-to-use and practical serialization solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

[1] Intended to fight counterfeiting, DCSCA requires companies to generate and manage unique product identifiers for printing on saleable units of a prescription drug –  from bottle to carton to pallet to case. This numbering process, called serialization, helps make every capsule, vial, tablet or strip, etc., traceable from the maker or packager to the drugstore shelf

SOURCE SerialLab

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