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Vantage Consulting Joins GS1 Healthcare US

By Jim Butschli | Aug 1, 2017


Goal is to help companies meet regulatory compliance challenges and improve performance in healthcare supply chains and benefit the patients who depend on them.

Manufacturing automation consulting firm Vantage Consulting Group announced it has joined GS1 Healthcare US, an initiative to improve the accuracy, speed and efficiency of the healthcare supply chain.

GS1 developed the barcode more than 40 years ago, and its GS1 Healthcare US initiative helps drive the use of open global standards to improve patient care, regulatory compliance, operational effectiveness and data quality. GS1 Healthcare US members include healthcare manufacturers, distributors, providers, dispenser pharmacies, group purchasing organizations, government agencies, and industry associations.

Initiative objectives include helping manufacturers, packagers, wholesalers and others comply with federal anti-counterfeiting requirements to authenticate (and eventually track) prescription drugs from manufacturer to dispenser. Vantage Consulting Group, which helps companies streamline their compliance with the related serializationrequirements, joins more than 165 member organizations in the GS1 Healthcare US initiative.

“GS1 standards are essential for tracing healthcare products throughout the supply chain, in some cases down to the individual patient record,” says Rob Magee, Portfolio Director, Vantage Consulting Group. “As we help ensure our clients meet the challenge of regulatory compliance, it’s good for Vantage Consulting Group to work more closely than ever with GS1 Healthcare US.”

“The mission of GS1 Healthcare US dovetails with our mission,” adds John Jordon, Vice President of Business Strategies, Vantage Consulting Group. “Our shared goal is bringing peak performance to healthcare supply chains for the benefit of participating businesses and ultimately the patients who depend on them. We look forward to contributing our people, insights and energy to the initiative.”

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