Vantage Consulting Group offers a full range of manufacturing automation services to enable your production lines to run at peak efficiency. Minimizing cost and downtime through streamlined processes and stringent project management, our services span production processes from raw material handling through manufacturing and distribution, creating immediate value in a fixed timeframe at a fixed cost.

Our Proven Process Generates Results



Average Line Downtime Reduction


Typical Time Saved To Complete The Project


Average Project Cost Savings Per Line


Part of Vantage Consulting’s Manufacturing Excellence offering is our process, architectural and industrial engineering capability. In all key modernizations, renovations, and rationalizations, the key focus is to improve the GMP manufacturing process. Vantage Consulting provides the core intellectual skills to analyze your requirements and create a process or facility design solution. Whether the need is for a major expansion, minor renovation, cGMP compliance, EU inspection upgrade, or a consent decree, our manufacturing automation and compliance consultants have the experience to get it done efficiently and at a fraction of the costs of big A&E firms.

With the initial compliance deadline of the Federal Drug Supply Chain Security act looming on November 27, 2017, Pharmaceutical manufacturers need a knowledgeable and reliable partner for implementing a robust pharmaceutical automation solution.  Additionally, manufacturers must take into consideration the global serialization requirements of countries such as China, Brazil, India, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Argentina. Vantage Consulting has the foundation, global experience, and vendor relationships to be a pharmaceutical automation partner. Our engineers have been designing and implementing  serialization and track and trace solutions within the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, and Food & Beverage industries as a Best Practice since the mid ‘80s.



Our cGMP validation division utilizes methodologies developed by Vantage consultants to optimize the execution of both the commissioning and validation phases of a project using ATSM E2500 methodology in order to minimize the project’s time and cost. Vantage Consulting actively supports ISPE’s initiative in developing the Baseline Guides to help control the ‘ratcheting’ up affect that cGMP compliance can impart. Senior members of our organization have been intimately involved in the preparation of several of these guides. Our executive leaders have also taught undergraduate and graduate level biotechnology and pharmaceutical process courses at several notable universities.

We emphasize a team approach by closely coordinating process, process control and facility design to develop optimized, cost effective, innovative solutions to technology driven projects. By invoking construction and validation input early in the design phase, we ensure cost effective construction and a smooth transition to commissioning, validation, and start-up. Vantage’s services extend through the life of the project and beyond.


Our Additional Services

Supply Chain Systems Integration

Packaging Line Efficiency

Systems Security

Vantage offers a full suite of services around these typical integration efforts. Our team has extensive experience in everything from Network Integration & Industry Standard Protocols (GS1, EPCIS), to Level-4 Systems Integration & Security.

At Vantage, we take a holistic view of the entire packaging line – treating it as a single entity. In doing so, with a keen focus on a standardized, seamless integration of each piece of equipment, we realize a significant increase in the OEE.

Our team of security professionals will help you identify any existing vulnerabilities in your systems and provide you with a comprehensive and disciplined approach to identifying and remediating new threats over time.

We Build Solutions For Your Everyday Problems

Vantage offers Engineering Consulting and Professional Technical Services for all areas of the manufacturing process. From raw material handling through finished product distribution and logistics, our manufacturing area expertise covers:

  • Raw Material Handling
  • Batch & Continuous Processing
  • Bulk Filling
  • Product Packaging
  • Facility Support
  • Utility Support
  • Building Management Systems
  • Distribution & Warehouse
“Vantage has a process that allows this to be successful – it is not just project management. Their product is set of deliverables that decreased our overall schedule and helped our sites become more productive.”
“The Vantage team has expertise in overall integration and serialization – they took a holistic view of our line. They had experience and knowledge of our issues and integrated different pieces of equipment and software providers.”