The life of a serialized product only starts at the packaging line. Going forward, serialized goods will travel through every aspect of your supply chain- just as non-serialized goods do today.  Integrating your packaging, MES, ERP, plant, warehouse, trading partner and cloud systems in such a way that they can recognize and process serialized goods-related data is often an overlooked (yet critical) step in most serialization compliance efforts.

Vantage offers a full suite of services around these typical integration efforts. Our team has extensive experience in:


Network Integration


Industry Standard Protocols (GS1, EPCIS)


Level-4 Systems Integration & Security


Damaged Goods Handling | Integration With Your CPO, CMO and 3PL Partners | Warehouse and Distribution Center Integration

Supply Chain Systems Analysis

First things first – we want to know you and your product. We start by thoroughly understanding your current system topology before making any recommendations.

Physical Process Focus

At Vantage, we strive to not only understand technology systems and transactions, but also how goods are physically handled and moved by your employees.

Warehouse Experts

Warehouse integration is often overlooked in large serialization projects. Vantage has years of experience in efficiently moving serialized goods through the warehouse.

Integration Expertise

With expertise in network engineering, software systems integration, GS1 standards and data-migration, Vantage can get your systems talking quickly and securely. We are experts in designing, building and integrating distributed serialization application stacks from the ground up.

Vendor Selection

Selecting the right supply-chain systems vendors is no easy task. Taking into account your existing investments, and business structure and budget, Vantage will leverage its 25-years of experience on your behalf in selecting best-suited vendors to work within your existing environment.


Your new cloud and packaging systems are secure and have been thoroughly scanned for vulnerabilities. You’ve done all the due-diligence on securing each independent network and you have a comprehensive long-term strategy for scanning each plant, warehouse and enterprise network independently for vulnerabilities on a regular basis- right?  If not, contact Vantage.

Our Additional Services




From selecting the right vendors to the execution of the right plan, Vantage will leverage its 25 years of experience on your behalf ensuring you make the right decisions at every turn. Vantage offers experience-based guidance in all technical, logistical and financial aspects of your project.

Our automation and systems staff consists of engineers with 20-30 years of industry experience in diverse automation systems. We’ll help you through all aspects of project execution from planning to market.

Vantage has a full team of experienced professionals that are solely dedicated to GxP validation protocol development and execution. Our validation team has an average of over twenty five years hands-on experience in the Life Science industry.