Securing manufacturing plant automation systems is our specialty. Having been in the automation business for over 25 years, we understand the difference between securing a web-site and a plant floor network. At Vantage, we recognize that security at the plant requires a different mindset and a more thorough approach over time – one that mirrors the tenacity of the evolving and organized threats that you face today. Our team of security professionals will help you identify any existing vulnerabilities in your systems and provide you with a comprehensive and disciplined approach to identifying and remediating new threats over time.

Vantage Red Team offers a full suite of services to set your plant up for success.
Our team has extensive experience in:




Threats are Constantly Evolving.

Is Your Security Practice?



Our security specialists will perform a comprehensive scan of your impacted systems and determine what types of vulnerabilities have been exploited, and by whom.


We will assess what has been compromised, the nature of the compromise, what can be recovered and what, if any, systems must be taken offline to mitigate further risk.


We will put together a formal plan to execute the process of restoring your systems to their pre-compromised state and remediate the vulnerabilities that were exploited.

Our Additional Services

Supply Chain Systems Integration

Packaging Line Efficiency


Vantage offers a full suite of services around these typical integration efforts. Our team has extensive experience in everything from Network Integration & Industry Standard Protocols (GS1, EPCIS), to Level-4 Systems Integration & Security.

At Vantage, we take a holistic view of the entire packaging line – treating it as a single entity. In doing so, with a keen focus on a standardized, seamless integration of each piece of equipment, we realize a significant increase in the OEE.

Vantage Consulting helps our customers examine the immediate cost benefits of product serialization and product tracking through their specific manufacturing and distribution processes.