Vantage Creates Enhanced Support Services to Troubleshoot and Optimize Serialized Manufacturing Systems

When pharmaceutical manufacturing lines are underperforming, the problem is rarely straightforward and the issue often goes beyond serialization software.

That’s why Vantage Consulting Group, the manufacturing productivity company, today announced from the 2018 HDA Distribution Management Conference (DMC) and ExpoVantage Enhanced Support Services, a vendor-agnostic program for troubleshooting, maintaining and optimizing serialized production lines. Such lines are common in pharmaceuticals, food and other industries that track and trace products.

“We believe your manufacturing and packaging systems should work at least as well as when you first implemented them,” said John Jordon, vice president, business strategies, Vantage Consulting Group. “Performance shortcomings and unexpected downtime are often not software problems but related problems that have cropped up in other parts of the system. Our team of highly skilled technical professionals cost-effectively address the issues that are holding manufacturers back from peak performance.”

These issues could relate to backup, storage, hosting, interfaces, hardware, mechanical systems, electrical circuits, networks and security vulnerabilities. Vantage Enhanced Support Services is designed to address such issues for companies that have any serialization software, including multiple vendors’ products.

The new services complement, versus replace, software vendor support. Vantage’s vendor-agnostic approach means the team will quickly and cost-effectively triage and solve problems without passing the buck.

Vantage Enhanced Support Services include remote and onsite system checks, 24-hour support, and rapid response for onsite troubleshooting. There are three levels of service based on annual, twice-yearly, or quarterly system checks.

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